Unleash your architectural façade concept. Austra Alu toghether with you bring the concept to life !


Austra Architectural Aluminium, or "Austra Alu" as we are commonly known, provide beautiful, durable and practical solutions and services for building façades. Austra Alu was established in 2020 by experienced senior executives in Vietnam construction industry formerly from leading multinational corporations such as BlueScope, Lysaght, ThyssenKrup, and Hunter Douglas. Since the beginning, Austra Alu has set up strategic partnerships with experienced and highly capable suppliers and contractors such as IPC, Padco and Satavi for a network that provides for all your façade needs... everything "from A to Z". Consequently, Austra Alu is capable of providing solutions and services from the early architecture concept stage, through to the design process, fabrication, supply and installation stages. In addition Austra Alu is delegated by Kingspan & Argeton to distribute worldwide admired metal & terracotta facade solution.

Why is Austra Alu chosen?

Proven Expertness

Austra Alu is gathering of senior experienced executives in Vietnam construction industry formerly from leading multinational corporations, such as Hunter Douglas, BlueScope, Lysaght, thyssenKrupp.

Devoted Consultant

Understangding insight of architects, project owners & contractors in many year working with them has inspired us in engineering consultant to bring architectural facade concept to life. It has been our passion.

Best solution

Expertness & experience of Austra Alu executives ensure best architectural facade solution in practice with respect of aesthetics, quality, sustainability and cost


Austra Alu & our partners optimize resources and capability efficiently to provide packaged services that meet the requirement of a wide range of façade architectures such as engineering solution, wind & sun effect analysis, material, coating & lighting consultant, fabrication and installation.

Engineering Solution

As an expert, Austra Alu provides a professional consultancy process ensuring practical facade architectures

1. Study of façade design
2. FasaPro Façade solution proposal
3. FasaPro product details
4. Aluminium & Coating material specification
5. Cost estimation
6. Installation & fabrication method

fasa-pro™ panel

FasaPro™ is a brand of Austra Alu for aluminium building façade solutions that meet architectural façade requirements for commercial projects.

FasaPro panel has diverse patterns and flexible applications to meet architectural façade functions. It is made from premium aluminium alloy with thicknesses of 1.5 mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and finished by high-quality powder coating, PVDF or Anodized.

1. FarsaPro Single Skin panel
2. FarsaPro Perforated panel
3. FasaPro Folding Perforated panel
4. FasaPro Expanded panel
5. FasaPro Folded panel
or any customized aluminium façade pattern as architectural requirement

fasa-pro™ framing

FasaPro framing is well designed and fabricated for functional and architectural requirements, ensuring safe and sustainability for building façades. FasaPro framing can cater for standard and customized panels.

1. FasaPro Linear

FasaPro Linear is made from C40x80 AZ coating steel, connecting the façade panel to structure with an average span of 1100mm or customized according to technical or architectural requirement.

This solution is used for strip panels with limit width of 200mm - 500mm, and length up to 12m. FasaPro Linear is recommended for linear and budget conscious projects.

2. FasaPro Hang-on

FasaPro Hang-on is made from C40X80 AZ coating steel, hanging on facade panels to keep them stable in operation, connecting panels with width up to 1400mm, and length up to 6000mm.

This solution is recommended for flexible, lineless and large panelized architecture.

3. FasaPro Circle

FasaPro Circle is made from high-grade galvanized or colour-coated steel, which binds aluminium façade panels of different shapes, creating unique architectural forms with complex surfaces.

This solution is often combined with arched, curved, biomimetic or other complex shapes.

FasaPro louver

FasaPro strip louvers are made from high performance aluminium with thickness range of 0.7-1.2mm, width range of 50mm - 500mm and cut-to-lenght up to 12m suitable for vertical or horizontal façade designs, and architectural flexibility.

Façade lighting

Collaboration with a partner with more than 10 years of experience in the lighting industry in Vietnam and representing leading European brands such as Thorn, Zumtobel, Acdc. This partnership allows for integration in engineering facade solution and lighting right from design concept, product mock-up, installation and after sales service. Austra Alu can confidently provide packaged "from A to Z" architectural facade solutions even for budget or small-scale projects with facade lighting service such as direct lighting, indirect lighting, self-luminous, lighting effects . . .

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